Ayurveda and Cancer

Matthew Capowski

Staff member
This post will be used to organize information on Ayurveda and Cancer:

On the Tillotson Institute Website the registered herbalist Dr. Alan Tillotson has posted an excellent article titled Cancer - The Ayurvedic Perspective that contains several excerpts from Dr. Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya's book The Ayurvedic Records of Cancer Treatment*:


*I have contacted the publisher of this book and they state that they do not presently have it for sale but they will inform me when the revised/reprinted edition becomes available.

Also see the research paper by Premalatha Balachandran and Rajgopal Govindarajan, Cancer—an ayurvedic perspective (Pharmacological Research 51 (2005) 19–30): (PDF File): http://www.iss.it/binary/farm/cont/cancer ayurvedic.1105357764.pdf