Equalize the Circulation

Matthew Capowski

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This thread will be used to discuss the role of unequal circulation in causing and worsening poor health.

Consider the following quotes from esteemed healers:

We may state it as an axiom that the condition of health requires a circulation normal in time and character, and just in proportion as we have a change from this normal standard we have severity of disease. -- John Scudder
One of the things that was frequently impressed upon my mind in student days, was this: In many cases, I was taught that the first thing to do was to equalize the circulation. I heard so much about it that it became a by-word to us students. But in after years, in daily practice, I saw the importance of it. Many a time it has helped to cure an obstinate obscure case. -- Dr. Eli Jones
In other words, the distribution of the blood in the vasculature can become unequal. Due to weaknesses in the system, there could also be disparities between different circuits of the vasculature. For example, overeating might cause an excess blood supply to the digestive organs, smoking to the lungs, drug abuse or drinking to the liver, constipation to the large intestine, or there might be stagnation around the heart itself, or in the surface, the capillaries. In treating cardiovascular conditions, one had first to equalize the circulation to remove this burden. An orderly approach to cardiovascular disease, according to Beach, was first to relive the inequality in the circulation, so that the burden is removed from the heart. -- Matthew Wood from his book The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants
The most comprehensive document on this subject I have been able to locate so far is:

"First, Equalize the Circulation”: Treatment of the Whole Organism through the Circulation by Matthew Wood which is a PDF file hosted at the American Herbalist Guild website.