Matthew Capowski

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New Leukaemia Treatment

The study is viewable at the New England Journal of Medicine and Science Alert and The Verge have a write up on this study.

For this method, the researchers harvest a patient’s T cells using a process like blood transfusion. Then the lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility does a gene transfer, to teach the T cells to target a protein found on the surface of B cells, another type of blood cell that’s affected in leukemia. The T cells are then transplanted back into the patient, where they hunt and kill anything with the protein attached to it. -- The Verge

According to the study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, of the 30 children and adults that received the treatment, complete remission was achieved in 27 patients (90 percent). Remission was sustained past the six-month point in 19 of the 30 patients. -- Science Alert​