Vegetarianism and Ayurveda

Matthew Capowski

Staff member
There has been a trend to present Ayurveda as a vegetarian system. The objection to this trend is that it's inaccurate.

Todd Caldecott has concisely clarified this point:

As painful as it may be for some to hear, the very real truth is that Āyurveda is not, and never was, a vegetarian system. There is nothing in any classical text of Āyurveda, including those of the bṛhat trayī (Caraka, Suśruta, Vāgbhaṭa) or the laghu trayī (Mādhava, Śāraṅgadhara, Bhāvaprakāśa), to suggest otherwise.
See his excellent article Vegetarianism and Ayurveda for more information: