Clarity on the Paleolithic Diet

Matthew Capowski

Staff member

Medical herbalist Todd Caldecott released an article today titled What is Paleo-Ayurveda? This article provides a concise overview of the paleolithic diet along with deeper considerations for when it is and is not appropriate. From the article:

According to its proponents, the Paleolithic diet should be good for everyone. After all, it is what we all used to eat, right? But very clearly, as I have seen in my practice, the Paleolithic diet doesn’t work for everyone, and can produce some major problems. But for what seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction among the paleo-proponents, because I also utilize a system like Āyurveda, I can see exactly how the Paleolithic diet causes problems. Stepping out of the paleo-paradigm allows me to see it more clearly, and this is useful: not only because it can inform how to modulate the diet in certain cases, but also because it provides guidance as to when this diet might be contraindicated.​