Hello From Europe!


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Well i see the forum i decide register here sems legit, its my opinion , and im planing go to Tibet for try healing there can anyone here share experince with China methods of healing ? For me all is true but i want a reference where to go and how is live there and if posible some shaman/herbalist from the place to teach me!

P.S. Nice site but i suppose is unpopulated , because of brain washed people (they are in fb) :D !

Matthew Capowski

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I think you can find skilled healers in any country if you are careful enough. What country are you in presently? What is it that you want to be taught exactly?

I think this site will need some more time and content before the forum picks up. I will keep at it.


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Well im living is Spain , and have a little dilema with curent medicine and my logic ... all sems right except they completly ignore where the sickness come and stop it insead of make consumidors of pharmaceutics... and sorry for bad English