Unani Tibb Herbal Energetics

Matthew Capowski

Staff member
Paul Bergner has an article titled The energetics of some herbal pairs in Unani Tibb that is available in a free issue of Medical Herbalism: A Journal for the Clinical Practitioner


From the article:

Unani Tibb (Arabic: “Medicine of the Greeks”) is the descendant of the Greek Four Humors medical system, the dominant medical system of the European civilization through out most of its history. The Greek system, further developed by the Romans, was eventually adopted by the Arabs, developed even further, and spread through out the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and part of South Asia. Under British rule, Unani Tibb largely supplanted Ayurveda as the dominant medical system in Northern India, where it is still practiced to day. Its sphere of influence has reached all the way from the British Isles to the borders of China, and south past the Saraha Desert into Africa.​